His whole life Jouve will travel in search of new models, he visits all the great European zoos, bringing back studies, and back in the calm of his studio he draws his inspiration from them. Some of these long journeys will influence his work.

Jouve will discover the Maghreb first. With the army of the Orient: Salonika, and Mount Athos. Then the Far East and the splendours of Angkor, and at last Africa.

The Army of the Orient (October 1915- January 1919)

In 1915 Jouve arrives in Salonika with the army of the Orient, he is employed by the photographic department of the armed services, attached to General Serrail’s headquarters. At headquarters he meets Prince Alexandre of Serbia, who appreciates his drawings and will become a patron and friend as well as one of his most loyal clients, also introducing him to the European gotha. Jouve will travel for two months across the peninsula of Athos, visiting the monasteries one by one.
Named the person in charge of the artists of the Orient he organizes exhibitions in Athens that cause quite a stir.

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