Biography of Paul Jouve
by Charles Terrasse

To illustrate Charles Terrasse’s book, Paul Jouve will create ten subjects that he will transform into lithographs.

The work finished, Paul Jouve had an off-print made by the art printer Lucien Détruit, realizing about 30 artist’s proofs, for each of the lithographs.

These artist’s proofs are all on Japanese paper, on each of the proofs there should be affixed the artist’s seal with the panther’s head, Jouve having signed them ‘hors planche’ and justified each lithograph as an artist’s proof.

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These original proofs should not be confused with the pages from the book or the follow-ups of Terrasse’s book, that are never sealed, signed and justified ‘hors planche.

These reproductions, and in a more general way all the pages from the books illustrated by Jouve, are not Paul Jouve original works, but reproductions, printed in large numbers, after Jouve’s work and therefore have only a decorative value.

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