During his whole life Jouve traveled looking for new models, he visits all the famous European zoos, bringing back sketches, and in the calm of his studio, he draws inspiration from them. Some of these long trips will mark his work.

Jouve first discovers the Maghreb. With the Army of the Orient: Salonika, Mount Athos. Then the Far East and the Splendours of Angkor, and at last Africa..

The trip to the Far East (September 1922, July 1923)

Winner of a travel grant from the general government of Indochina, Jouve leaves on a long trip to the Far East. As Painter on a mission representing France, he boards ship in Marseille, for an eleven month tour that will lead him successively to Indochina, China, Ceylan, and then India.. He will stay in Angkor three months, fascinated by the beauty and the grandeur of the site.

He will bring back from this trip hundreds of studies that will serve to illustrate, «A Pilgrim from Angkor», and produced monumental compositions, that will give his work a new decorative dimension. The years following his return were strongly marked by this trip..

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