His whole life through Jouve travels in search of new models, he visits all the famous European zoos, bringing back sketches, and back in the calm of his studio he draws his inspiration from them. Some of his long trips will influence his work.”. = "Jouve will discover the Maghreb first. With the Army of the Orient: Salonika, and Mount Athos. Then the Far East and the splendours of Angkor and at last Africa.

Traveling in Africa (from February 21 to June 5th 1931)

Jouve takes off toward Dakar for a trip that will last several months in Africa. He crosses French Occidental Africa and goes back up toward Nigeria, to Discover the Hoggar, the land of the Tuareg. He brings back from this trip Superb evocations of the Tuareg, he will illustrate The Book of the Bush by René Maran, by using the drawings made in the African countries he crossed.

In the beginning on 1934, he leaves for Egypt. He works in the zoo in Cairo, visits Louxor, Assouan, Karnak, and the valley of the kings.. Jouve finishes his journey exhibiting the work he has realized in an important exposition in Cairo.

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